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Welcome to Reach Across

REACH ACROSS are a charity based in Scotland who provide support for people who are experiencing mental health issues. We also support the families of loved ones in the unfortunate case of losing a family member through mental health.

Based on the loss of a loved one, REACH ACROSS was born. We plan events and fundraisers to ensure that people who need help can receive all the support possible to overcome any difficulty they may be experiencing.

Donna, Ryan and Sandra - Reach Across

Latest from REACH ACROSS

Reach Across First AGM

Successful AGM!

Words can not express the feelings in the Reach Across Camp.

What an AGM! Fantastic in all ways: response, personal experience, questioning, attendance and new committee.

Thank you all so much. Overwhelming to say the least!

Not only... Suggestions. First things first... Twitter!

Happy following!

Thank you Goodfellow Family!

We are extremely grateful to receive a very generous donation from Andrew and Judy Goodfellow + their family.

The money was raised through their friends and family by celebrating a special Anniversary and some birthdays.

Thank you so much to the Goodfellow family, from everyone at REACH ACROSS.

Reach Across Goodfellow


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