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Enriching Lives, Enhancing Minds



Enriching Lives, Enhancing Minds

Who Are Reach Across?

Reach Across are a registered charity based in Arbroath, Scotland, who provide help and support for those experiencing mental health difficulties. The charity was set up by Sandra Ramsay, her son Ryan and Donna Bow in 2015 following the loss of a loved one to suicide.

Since the tragedy, Reach Across has received an over-whelming show of support from the local community which has now led Sandra to retire and focus on those in need of support. We urge anyone who is experiencing, or knows anybody going through such difficulties to get in touch with the charity as soon as possible. In other words, let’s reduce the stigma together!

Fraser Lindsay - Reach Across (Live On) (Official Video)

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Reach Across - "Live On"

Our New Single Is Out Now!

It brings great pleasure from all of us here at Reach Across to release our own single, fittingly named ‘Live On’!

Our friends and family joined Fraser and Ryan for the recording of the single, with Fraser’s sister, Beth Swan, on keyboard and backing vocals along with close friends Stuart Edwardson and Jamie Flynn recording lead guitar and bass respectively.

The recording session took place at Jamie’s studio, ‘Good Vibrations’ in Stirling, where he also took on sound engineer and production duties. We hope you enjoy it and find yourself singing along like we have!

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